Global Presence

One of the unique aspects of KCE is the customer support structure, which we continue to expand around the globe.

Our direct support organizations which include KCE (Thailand) Co., Ltd., KCE America, KCE Singapore, KCE Europe, KCE France, KCE Korea, KCE China, KCE Mexico and Christian Enzmann GmbH bring all aspects of customer support closer to the geographic locations of our customers. Each organization offers sales, technical support including CAM and DFM engineering,inspection, accounting, and logistics services. KCE's support centers and factories stay in constant touch exchanging data and information. In this way KCE has a unique ability to provide support and nearly identical services around the world thus being the perfect manufacturing partner to multinational customers.


KCE is dedicated to creating more environmentally friendly products without compromising quality, at KCE we care.

Today's advances in PCB manufacturing technology include addressing certain design and manufacturing processes and their impact on the environment. Environmental and public health concerns are driving tougher legislation to restrict the use of lead in electronic devices. KCE, like other responsible members of our industry is working hard with our customers and raw material suppliers to move to viable alternatives to lead based HASL such as lead free solder, immersion Tin, and the use of organic coatings such as Entek. In others areas we are either exploring or have introduced items such as halogen free resin material, polymer thick film carbon(Carbon Card Contacts replacing conventional nickel/gold contacts and thus removing the hazardous nickel/gold plating solution) and the replacement of feed & bleed systems for oxidizing cupric chloride etching with an electrolytic regeneration system.